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Yaris Dad
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Angry Replaced Horn Relay - Still Not Working

Hi all - hoping someone can help me.

I bought a new horn relay because there was no clicking when pressing the horn. Still not working, no clicking.

Anyone else have any idea why this would be the case?

Thank you!

2012 Yaris Hatchback
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The power source for the horn is the same as as the trigger for the relay. Therefore, my first recommendation is to check the horn fuse if you haven't done so already.

If it's not the fuse and it's not the relay, then it can only be a number of other things

1. The clock spring / spiral cable is damaged
2. The actual horn switch is disconnected or isn't completing the earth properly when you press the horn
3. There's a break in the circuit somewhere upstream between the fuse and the steering pad.
4. There's a break in the circuit between the fuse and the actual horn
5. The horn is broken
6. The earth to the horn is disconnected

Each one of those is easily testable. I'd start by checking if you have power going to the relay first - should have 12v power on two of the poles at all times. I'd then test the circuit to see if you get power through the relay when triggered by using a multimeter as opposed to listening if it clicks. If you have power then I'd focus on the clock spring and actual horn pad.

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2ZR swap. DO IT! Ask how!
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I've had issues with mine ever since I took the front end apart to swap the engine, still haven't resolved it.

The horn relay is part of the big black fuse/relay device in the engine bay fuse box. Real pain to test that one because the pins are tiny and underneath the fuse block.

The horn earth/ground is connected directly to the unibody. If there isn't adequate continuity between the horn body and the battery through all the bolted connections, it won't work.
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electrical, horn, relay

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