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  The Tire Rack

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Old 04-04-2021, 09:14 AM   #1
Drives: 2007 yaris HB
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tighten belt..

UPDATE: GOT it sorted.

First off mark with sharpy position of alt.
Anyone that may come across this post be careful for oil contol valve when attempting to pry.
Its a round thingy with wires going to it above top alt area.

Luckily I noticed this and did not pry there.after some research i found out what is was.

Others have damaged this part by accidently prying on it.

Do not over pry/tighten belt...I could have taken out much more slack but decided on 4/5mm to start.

I actually backed off what originally pried forward.

What I did was loosen top bolt and then used small jack handle.Fenagle around before prying to find best position.

After moving forward about 4 MM and tightening whirring noise is gone.

I tightened first thing before even starting car so as to replicate when it did make a noise.

Hope this helps and sorry for spamming board.

__________________________________________________ _______

I had alt replaced last year

seems belt may be lose,squeeks cold and sometimes just randomly

I read you loosen top bolt/nut? then pry.

I loosened top one and pryed but nothing.

I dont want to break anything....any suggestions or tricks?

Maybe tips on how to pry it,and what with?

The car is going into shop thurs to tighten drums but figured I may tighten belt myself.

Also car makes wirring sound cold start only....after warmup not a peep.

Probaly going to get mechanic to change waterpump while he has it as i have a new one on hand.

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Old 04-04-2021, 05:36 PM   #2
Drives: 2007 Toyota Yaris 3 door
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you have to loosen top and bottom alternator bolts to be able to move alternator to tighten, you will bend the lower bolt or gouge into the block surface trying to pry the alternator with the bottom bolt still tight
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Old 04-04-2021, 05:38 PM   #3
Drives: 2007 yaris HB
Join Date: Mar 2016
Location: Barrie Canada
Posts: 670
Worked out fine.

I read on another forum to leave the bottom.

It all worked out in the end.

Did you read my update..or just the title?

The trick is to find good leverage point.Once you have that very little pressure is needed>
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