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FYI NAPA 7535 battery fits 3rd Gen

Just wanted to leave this info here in case someone were to search about replacement batteries.

My original battery died today. It lasted 7 years, 2 months. Not too bad. While searching for info about replacements I found several threads explaining the idiosyncrasies of the Yaris OEM batteries. Apparently the OEM battery is a non-standard size, somewhere between a 35 & a 26R. There are several threads here explaining, for example, that a particular brand 35 is too big, while a different brand 26R is too small, etc. The issue is that battery group sizes are not exact but variable within a small range. Not every group 35 is the exact same size, they vary slightly by manufacturer. In fact if you search on any of the auto part stores or battery manufacturers websites some will list a 35 as the proper replacement size, some will list a 26R, and some will list both.

Having said all that I did notice that the great CTScott mentioned that the NAPA 7535 was a good battery that fit. However that was refering to the 2nd gen models. I could not find any mention of someone installing one in a 3rd gen and was concerned that there might be clearance issues as it was slightly bigger than the OEM. No need to worry, it fits.

Long story short, the NAPA Legend 7535 battery will fit in a 3rd gen Yaris.

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Just to add to this info, I have an optima 35 class battery in mine and had to use a little metal spacer to space the mounting bracket down to actually clamp down on it (state safety requirement.) I also had an interstate 35 class and a autocraft 35 in it, both are the same size and fit well.
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