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  The Tire Rack

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Drives: 2013 Yaris LE
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How to jack up a 2013 Yaris?

I want to jack up my Yaris using a floor jack onto jack stands but I cannot find the front jacking point (owners manual pic is very vague). Any other parts of the car I could lift up by? If anybody can tell me or preferably post labeled photos that would be great.
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Alternative Pro tip:

I bought a second scissor jack to match the one that came with the car.

You simultaneously jack up both sides. It also helps if you got those skanky hydrolich jacks that drop the car down in free fall because with scissor manual jacks, you can carefully lower the car down onto the jacks millimeter by millimeter.
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Old 10-20-2020, 09:12 AM   #3
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For the front I normally just lift where the lower control arm mounts to the frame with my floor jack and then put jack stands on the boxed part of the pinch welds where you'd use a scissor jack. I seem to recall there being a central jacking location in the middle of the front subframe, too but I'd have to look next time I'm under the car.
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Old 10-24-2020, 08:13 AM   #4
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What Lee said above about the control arms points works well.

Here is what I do and I jack my car up a ton since I swap tires every time I get to the track.

Use a regular floor ack with a flat contact pad. Put it under the inner unibody frame rail. This is a nice strong and flat piece that runs about 1 foot into the car from the edge of the body (where the originally Jack points are)

Place the jack at the rear most portion of that frame rail. Ot has a circular slight pop out in that area. When you jack up the car it will raise the front and rear of one side.

Then use jack stands and place them where the original oem emergency jack points are located on the pinch welds. I use a doubled over towel on top of my Jack so as not to scratch the paint and lead to rust.

This is a very secure way and is very quick.

The oem jack points are not meant to be used regularily as jack points. It is for emergency road side use when you are in a pinch (hehe see what I did there?)

Regular use of these points will eventually lead to folding over of the pich welds and rust
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