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Ranger SVO
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What is it about the Yaris

How much longer will the Yaris be around?

I don’t know. The Yaris was purchased new in January 2010 out of necessity. It was cheap and we needed a new car. Our Cavalier had a busted head gasket and a high probability the head was cracked.

In the end of November 2012, we bought a new Honda Civic EX. The newly redesigned 2012 Civic got less than stellar reviews so Honda did a redesign for 2013. Dealers were selling 2012 Civics cheap when the 2013 became available. Buying a fully loaded 2012 EX for the price of an LX was a no brainer. We drove to Dallas (190 miles) and bought the Civic. Originally we were going to put down $2500 and trade the Yaris. To make a long story short, I drove the Yaris back, my wife drove the Honda.

When we got home, the Yaris still had its place under the carport along with my 1993 Ford Ranger. The Honda’s place was in the drive way. In March 2012, I built another 20 x 20 foot carport and the Ranger was moved. The Yaris kept its spot.

In September 2013, I bought a new Hyundai Sonata. Again I chose to keep the Yaris.

The Yaris is 5 years old this month and currently has 35,800 miles on it. It is still driven on a regular basis. I drive it to work at least 3 times a week. My wife also drives it on a regular basis. She might say “I have to do this and that and go here and there, leave the Yaris here so I can use it”.

When she goes grocery shopping, she folds down the rear seats and takes the Yaris. She said it will hold a month’s worth of groceries with no problem. She recently bought herself a new 26-inch bicycle. Yes a fully assembled 26-inch bicycle will fit in Yaris with no problem. It would not have fit in the Honda or the Hyundai. (Only I drive the Ranger).

I took the Yaris to the dealer for a recent recall. I wandered around the lot while it was being repaired. I was approach by salesman on two different occasions. I explained that I was just looking while my Yaris was in the shop. Both salesman said the same thing, "People with Yarii rarely get rid of them".

What is it about this car?
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