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Keyless question

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to this, I just got my 08 Yaris LB a little over a month ago, when we chose it, it didn't come with keyless entry but the dealership said they could install it if I wanted it, so we added it to the contract.

Now, when they installed it, they gave me the regular key back with two separate keyfobs (no key/keyfob type), so they installed an aftermarket keyless system, we asked why and the dealership said they could not install the Toyota keyless system, oh well, we figured we would check with other dealerships and go back once we had something to fall back on.

After using the car I noticed something though, if I lock the car using the button on the door (the one that locks all doors) or if I push the lock button on the fob while a door is open, then I can't unlock the car using the remote. This to me is a fault, I spoke with the dealership and they gave me an appointment to get it fixed, I took it there and once it was done they just gave me the key and sent me off, before leaving *I* tested it and nothing was fixed, they said they changed the unit and that should have fixed it, but they never tested it.

Oh well, they offered to send a 3rd party company to do the work for them and get it fixed. So we made the appointment for them to come to my workplace and get it done. I just got the key back from the guy with 2 new keyfobs, it still does the same freaking thing!!! Now, he doesn't work for the dealership, so I couldn't complain much since apparently the dealership didn't tell him what the darn problem was, they just sent him to change the system, and apparently, according to him, with the work he's done on these cars, that's the way it's supposed to work!!!

Am I being irrational expecting the car to unlock under any circumstance??? Please Yaris people help me figure out if this is really a Yaris problem or are they trying to just make a fool of me?
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