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help me with my annoying alarm!

i bought a new yaris today, a very basic car with the manual locks [ the ones where you have to reach over and unlock it yourself and unlock the door with your key]. well, the dealership didnt give me much help, but the alarm system the guy mustve put on it, the previous owner i mean, is very very confusing.

its this one: where the alarm arm and unarm are on the same button. i cant tell if my car is on alarm or not, it beeps the same way no matter which way i push it and even if i open the door it still starts making noises, i just dont know if its on alarm or not. its very very sensitive. i guess i turn off the alarm, open my door and then shut it, i open it again and the alarm goes back on or something.

well, its annoying the hell out of me, so where can i go to get a new alarm put in? one with actually two buttons instead of the two arm/unarm on the same button? like this ? i want to see if i can find a cheaper one, buying it online is not the option for me. would i have to go back to the dealership? autozone? some other car place?

or can i just save time and just buy a different remote such as this : , same company, newer model i guess. will it still work with the alarm placed on my car?

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It sounds like it has the auto-arm option turned on--where it automatically arms itself 30 seconds after shutting the last door that is open.
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