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I did some research on this issue because I was a little concerned about the throttle response in my car, its also drive by wire.

The ECU will not let the car go full throttle, it will only operate within a established rate which it thinks its "safe" to extend engine life, this in some cases can be as low as 75% throttle max.

And yes, also there is some miliseconds of lag when you push the gas pedal, its normal as well.

Things you can do to try to help it, reset ECU by unplugging negative end on the battery for a few minutes, it will respond better for a while. Clean the throttle body and MAF sensor as well as the air intake system with a cleaner for such purposes.

What I end up doing was getting a throttle controller for my car, there are many brands available. The one I bought called "Pedal Commander", it has certainly improved pedal response and it comes with several driving modes. Worth it if you ask me.

Hope this information was useful!
2017 Toyota Yaris S XP-150: K&N Cold Air Intake, Megan Racing MO-E Muffler, DNA Motoring Exhaust Headers, Pedal Commader throttle controller, NST Pulley Kit, STR 526 17x8.25 rims (Volk TE37 Replica).
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I noticed this on my car also.
80% totally sucks ass.
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