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DIY - How to remove or insert a pin on the ECM Connector A21

This DIY is primarily for those needing to know how to add the pin to position 40 of the ECM connector A21 for the DIY cruise control on 2006-2008 Yaris.

Note: It is always a good idea to disconnect the battery when working with the ECM wiring.

A. Release the ECM Connector.

1. Push the release button on the end of the connector latch with your fingertip. You will feel a slight click and will then be able to lift the arm:
Remove Connector - 1.jpg

2. Lift the latch arm from horizontal to vertical. It will move easily at first, then will require a bit more force as you near the vertical position:
Remove Connector - 2.jpg

3. As the latch arm nears the vertical position, the connector will lift slightly off of the ECM:
Remove Connector - 3.jpg

4. You can now remove the connector to work on it. To obtain full access to the pins, carefully snip the cable tie from the rubber wire protector and remove it.

B. Remove a plug

1. To remove a sealing plug, insert a stiff wire (paper clip, sewing needle, etc.) into the hole on the ECM side of the connector.Pin 40 - Plug still in.jpg

2. Push the object and the plug will begin to push out of the wire side of the connector.
Pin 40 - Plug pushing out.jpg

3. Once the plug is out, you are ready to insert a terminal in its place,
Pin 40 - Plug out.jpg
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Drives: 09 5dr LB, 2x 08 3dr LB
Join Date: Oct 2008
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Posts: 12,489
C. Release the connector pin lock before inserting the pin

1. Release the connector pin lock, by lifting the white plastic piece. I find it easiest to push it from the opposite side than to pry it up:
Connector - Pin Retainer Releasing.jpg

2. Here is the other side with it released. The white part is raised about 1/8" from the locked position:
Connector - Pin Retainer Released.jpg

D. Inserting a pin

1. Here is a "repair terminal" ready to be inserted. Note that the pin has a "flat" bottom and and "open" top. The pin must be inserted in the correct orientation, or the connector pin lock will not click back into place.
Connector Pin - Out.jpg

2. Insert the pin as shown below. Note that in this picture the open top of the connector pin is oriented down.
Connector Pin - Inserting.jpg

3. The pin should insert will very little force. If it will not go, lift it and try again. If the orientation is correct, the pin will slide all of the way in and will click into place.
Connector Pin - In.jpg

E. Lock the pins in place by pushing the connector pin lock back down. If it does not easily snap back into place, then the pin is not properly inserted.
Connector - Pin Retainer Locking.jpg

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Old 05-18-2010, 05:50 PM   #3
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This really helps dude, thanks!
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I've made a post!
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Hi CTScott... Where does one obtain the terminal for this?
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