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DIY - 2009 Cruise Control for $10, without pulling the steering wheel and airbag

This DIY came from the following thread, discussing the possibility of adding cruise control by simply adding the OEM cruise control stalk:

2009 Yaris are prewired for cruise control. To enable this functionality one may add the OEM stalk, but doing so requires the removal of the steering wheel and airbag. Also, the dealer price for the OEM stalk is ~$125.

After looking at the cruise control section of the service manual, I realized that the stalk's functionality (On/Off, -(Set), +(Resume), and Cancel) could be recreated using four switches and three resistors. Alternately, basic cruise control functionality (On/Off and Set) can be provided using two switches and one (or two) resistors.

Currently, it is believed that this will also work for 07-08 Yaris, but a wire will have to be connected to connector A21 of the ECM or Connector AD4 (which is located above the top of the fuse panel, just under the dash).

Note: For Manual Transmission equipped Yaris, the "Cruise Control Clutch Switch" is needed as well. This is a second clutch switch (there's already one called the "Clutch Start Switch"). The "Cruise Control Clutch Switch" connects to connector A29. Its part number is: 88280-14030 and it lists for ~$18.

Materials required:
4 - Switches (SPST, Normally Open, Momentary) (Digikey part number EG1900-ND, $2.44 each)
1 - 240 Ohm Resistor (Digikey part number 240QBK-ND, $.06)
1 - 390 Ohm Resistor (Digikey part number 390QBK-ND, $.06)
1 - 910 Ohm Resistor (Digikey part number 910QBK-ND, $.06)
~4ft - Wire, 20-24 AWG, 2 colors

I purchased the switches and resistors from Digikey (


1. Make sure your car is pre-wired for cruise control:

Check the Combination Meter for the Crusie Control Lights:
Shining a flashlight to the right of the speedometer will make the two
cruise control icons visible if they are present. They will not illuminate,
but will look like the two below:

2. Remove the lower steering column cover:

Rotate the steering wheel all the way to either side, and remove the two screws:

Remove the screw by the steering wheel tilt lever:

Squeeze the lower steering column cover, by the seam between it and the upper, and gently pull down to remove it.

3. Identify the Cruise Control wires on Connector D3 (white connector at the base of the steering wheel next to the yellow connector): CCS (Blue wire in Pin 1) and ECC (Brown wire in Pin 3).

4. Chose a location to mount the switches. I mounted mine to the "push button start" cover to the right of the key switch. This location has a hole behind it approximately 1-5/8" in diameter. If using this location you must make sure that the back of the switches line up with this hole:

Switches mounted:

Hole behind cover:

Rear of cover (with two switches mounted):

5. Mount and wire switches:
Switches can be mounted in various positions, but wiring between them will be the same. Note that in the 4 switch example the leads of the 390 Ohm resistor are covered with heat shrink tubing to keep them from making contact with the other switch terminals.

4 Switch wiring:

2 Switch wiring (The two resistors could be replaced with a single 567-693 Ohm one) :

6. Connect wires from switch assembly to wires on connector D3.
Red wire from switches connects to blue wire of D3 Pin 1.
Black wire from switches connects to brown wire of D3 Pin 3.

7. Test Cruise Control functions:
On/Off function can be tested with the engine off and the ignition switch in the on position. Pressing the button once should illuminate the cruise control icon. Pressing it again should make the light go off:

The Set function requires that the car be moving at 25 MPH or greater. Pressing the Set switch at >25MPH will cause the SET light to illuminate.

Last edited by CTScott; 05-01-2009 at 09:20 PM. Reason: Add note about Cruise Control Clutch Switch for Manal Transmission
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