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  1. When will the Yaris hit the showrooms at dealers?
  2. Yaris Reviews here
  3. 2007 Yaris Pricing Info !
  4. is the yaris for me?
  5. New Toyota Yaris
  6. Unbelievable... my Yaris showed up!
  7. Yaris LB's in the southwest?
  8. Question about Toyota's shipping system
  9. Toyota Yaris 2006 or 2007?
  10. Yaris Price in WNC and the southeast
  11. Yaris liftback option
  12. Unable to order options?
  13. 6,393 Yaris sold in April in US
  14. Yaris LB Availability - NE
  15. Wait time
  16. BASE model availability? anyone?
  17. Canadian 2007 Yaris RS Auto pricing w/ B Package?
  18. warranty service question
  19. What finance rate did you get?
  20. New Yaris '07
  21. How much for insurance?
  22. My New Yaris is Coming Soon!!!!
  23. Paying for the Yaris with a check?
  24. No Option Combination #B for Manual Liftback????
  25. Got my Yaris tonight...
  26. Black option gone...?
  27. Still waiting
  28. rear seat in the liftback
  29. Warranty Suggestions please...
  30. Got My New Car
  31. according to vehix there is no hatches within 75 miles from me. =(
  32. Got One
  33. Ordered my liftback last night, questions...
  34. Debating....
  35. Can not belive this car !
  36. Just test drove the Yaris....plastic interior?
  37. About to buy a hatch
  38. Wait time for the Yaris
  39. Yaris 2007 Sedan in Canada
  40. dealer is telling me no power option avail in my area
  41. 3-door or 5-door
  42. It's coming on Monday.
  43. Auto vs. Stick in the city
  44. there everywhere
  45. HB Availability Update
  46. Noisy Engine
  47. why does toyota hate new yorkers?
  48. Yaris lead times
  49. White Yaris "S" auto on lot
  50. Still looking For wht hatch 5spd loaded!
  51. Just like the dead clown promised!
  52. Just Ordered My New Yaris (FL)
  53. Looking for Yaris Sedan modifications!
  54. Placed my order today
  55. Yaris Hatch Purchase
  56. got it today
  57. Little problem with getting coils for my Yaris S
  58. My Review of My Yaris Sedan 2007
  59. J'yeah check it out just got yesterday
  60. $100 finder fee!!
  61. My Yaris purchase experience....
  62. Yaris Discontinued In The USA
  63. Finally, my 2007 yaris arrives
  64. White Auto Sedan 4 trade...maybe
  65. Anyone see this garbage on BusinessWeek?
  66. Yaris in Texas?
  67. Shift Light?
  68. On wait list, no vin as of yet...
  69. Yaris coming in PA
  70. Time Lines
  71. I Got My White Hatchback!!
  72. I cancelled my order unfortunatly :(
  73. Get your Yaris without waiting!
  74. Ordered my silver lining YRX today !
  75. how to check VIN nos?
  76. Cancelled my order ... tired
  77. Is it hard to order a custom one?
  78. Order is in.. Mettalic Meteorite Liftback.
  79. Just ordered my Yaris today
  80. I'm new!
  81. How much do you think they make?
  82. A few questions
  83. Be Careful About The Prices.
  84. Extended Service warranties!
  85. Just Got Her Today
  86. What about Lojack?
  87. Order tracking?
  88. Just got mine!
  89. FYI - Liftback with power package for MN
  90. Stupid question.
  91. Black LB Yaris for sale at NJ dealer...hurry!!
  92. Hamer Toyota Yaris
  93. Just placed my order!
  94. getting mine in about 2-3 days!!
  95. I test drove a Yaris, Versa and FIT
  96. Texas gal needs ur help please!
  97. Put Down payment on a liftback this morning
  98. Hard time choosing color; dark colored cars absorb more heat??
  99. Can any1 locate an 'S' with side/curtain airbags??
  100. IS IT TRUE aftermarket moonroof can't be added?
  101. yaris sedan remote trunk relase question pls help soon
  102. thx 4 all ur help! i placed my order & got great deal, i think
  103. Came home today
  104. new toyota dealer in bellevue, wa
  105. I just order'd my Yaris
  106. Soon To Be Behind The Wheel Of A New Yaris!
  107. Just bought one.. :)
  108. Haven't ordered yet but..........
  109. Took the PLUNGE!!!
  110. Tired of poor gas mileage & buying premium gas.
  111. I'm gonna learn stick just for the Yaris!!
  112. Going for test drive Monday; I'm gonna custom order one
  113. Detailed dealer pricing on the new, 2007 Toyota Yaris.
  114. No Yaris for me this year!!!!!!
  115. Polar White baby!
  116. This is my buying experience
  117. One week down, 8-12 weeks to go...
  118. 1 Liftback / 1 Sedan Just Delivered in NJ
  119. Got mine last night............
  120. Get My New Liftback Friday Just in Time for the Weekend
  121. Boo is in!!
  122. My Yaris Test-Drive experience
  123. Response from Toyota
  124. Anybody know the code?
  125. Need yall's help on how to get my money's worth :)
  126. Just bought
  127. Auto LB w/ Alloy Power Package??
  128. Umm, What does MSRP mean again???
  129. Side Airbags??
  130. New Yaris Day
  131. I have a huge purchasing problem..:(
  132. It's finally here!
  133. Liftback from Canada?
  134. Question re: purchasing and credit scores?
  135. Whats your model#?
  136. The countdown begins!
  137. Costco discount
  138. How long will this take?
  139. Extended warranty worth it?
  140. Tracking vehicle from Toyota
  141. my car got stolen this morning
  142. What has to be installed at the factory and what can be installed later?
  143. WOOHOO!!! Its on its way!
  144. Got lucky!
  145. Hmmm... Seems odd that this is missing.
  146. Yaris hatch available in Az.
  147. Red Liftback Roc, NY
  148. Availability
  149. Canadian Yaris 07 has tachometer?
  150. Getting my yaris!
  151. Just bought my yaris!
  152. stoked! getting new yaris...
  153. Yaris for tall guy??
  154. Paint nick
  155. Yaris or Yaris S sedan?
  156. Trying to get a Yaris LB
  157. Hello ALL Just Bought a Red 5 Spd Liftback
  158. Bought Yaris for Invoice
  159. Where not to buy from in SE VA- any "CASEY" Dealer
  160. Team Toyota in Lithia Springs Ga LB's in stock!
  161. 1st yaris S sedan in passaic county, nj, us?
  162. 18" alloy wheel option?
  163. First impressions of my Yaris Sedan w/ PP
  164. Is This a good deal?
  165. LB M/T options
  166. Automatic LB w/CP in FL??
  167. Got my Sedan Aero last week!!
  168. procedure for ordering your yaris??
  169. finally got my car!!!
  170. Playing the waiting game...
  171. I got my Yaris!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  172. Did you order fog lamps?
  173. Anyone settle 4 sedan but wanted lftbk?
  174. Just listed my '07 Yaris sedan in the classified section.
  175. Ordered my LB a couple weeks ago...
  176. Another YARIS *NeW*
  177. New Sedan but where's the S?
  178. long time lurker, first time poster
  179. Finally official
  180. Liftbacks Available In Southern California
  181. How much deposit did you pay?
  182. we got lucky!
  183. getting a yaris... questions...
  184. Got My Yaris Early
  185. My Yaris Sedan Purchsing Dairy - UPDATING
  186. went ahead and put the deposit
  187. Response from Toyota on my special order
  188. How I Am Getting My Yaris(Must Read For Buyers With A Decent Size Down Payment)
  189. Help me PLZ
  190. Came back from dealers. sucks!!
  191. Put deposit already!
  192. some dealers just piss me off...
  193. Questions on pricing
  194. Yaris Wait in Mass?
  195. Ready to close the deal, but have 2 questions
  196. My Flint Mica's On Her Way!
  197. Drum rollllll ...PLEASE, place your bets now!!!
  198. White 5speed hatch
  199. Finally came!
  200. How long? Japan --> US
  201. you got to read this
  202. finally got my yaris hatchback!
  203. 2nd New Girl
  204. 20 yaris's in stock
  205. Yippeee, it's finally here..............
  206. Anyone looking for LB Yaris in CA
  207. Tire Recommendation?
  208. That seemed pretty fast.
  209. Drove my Yaris home tonight do da do da
  210. Anyone here from MN own a LB with the power package?
  211. Just bought a liftback
  212. In stock Yaris hatch 5 speed York PA!
  213. Does Anyone know
  214. Question from a New buyer
  215. WOOHOO New Yaris in my garage!
  216. Several white Yaris Sedan with Con package in UT!
  217. Question on deposit
  218. Ordered mine today... now the wait begins
  220. Finally my car is here
  221. New Buyer Beware-WARNING-MUST READ THIS
  222. New Yaris
  223. Visiblity Question
  224. Yummy! Absolutely Red
  225. opinions
  226. Dealer Added Accessories? '08s?
  227. Auto brokers, clubs?
  228. Good deal or ?
  229. proud mama
  230. proud "mama"
  231. Yaris at nighttime
  232. Yaris Clearance Height
  233. new owner
  234. Yaris..Better than I expected....!!!
  235. Polar White Hatch
  236. a new Yaris LB owner
  237. Good Price?
  238. vin
  239. Another Yaris in the Family!!!
  240. Ordering a Yaris!
  241. WTB Toyota Clearanced Yaris
  242. Need your opinion on this price.
  243. My new baby coming off the production line today
  244. Switched from Ford Expedition.
  245. need some info
  246. local yaris supply??
  247. Finance
  248. Yaris N00b
  249. umm, hi :)
  250. Looking into buying an 07